Why I Shaved Off All My Hair


As you can read from the title, I shaved off all my hair! Those who know me well would be able to explain how wild that sounds coming from me. I honestly can't even believe I did it, but three weeks ago, I set up an apoointment to sit in a barber's chair and felt a razor on my scalp for the first time. My hair was my baby. Your girl was at the salon every two weeks and religiously wrapping her hair every night. So why cut it off? Well, it all started when I watched a YouTube video by Simplynessa15.

The way she just shaved her hair off without a care in the world looked so liberating. One of the reasons why I love watching her is she's so bold, despite the problems or fears she may be facing at the time. Since that moment, I had the urge to throw caution to the wind and shave it all off, regardless of my fears. It was something I couldn't shake. No one believed me when I first said it, but as the weeks went on I kept finding more reasons why I should shave my hair. Here are the main three below. 

Watch me getting my head shaved here

Reason # 1: Curiosity


I've spoken about my hair before and I mentioned how I didn't want to go natural--now look at me--but instead wanted to embark on a relaxed hair journey while taking care of my SD. I'm not necessarily going on a natural hair journey, but after years of the creamy crack I was curious to see what my hair actually looked like unprocessed. It also doesn't hurt that I won't be dishing out $100+ dollars for hair products and $200+ for a relaxer every three months. I want to experience the natural life and if I like it, I like it. If I want to switch back to the creamy crack, I'll switch back. The world won't end depending on what I choose, but I think it's time to at least know what God naturally gave me.  

Reason # 2: Taking Care of my Seborrheic Dermatitis 


Yes, we're back at this issue again. I thought that if I didn't have any hair on my scalp, I could a) see the severity of my SD and b) experiment with different natural oils and medications that might help the situation. If I happened to have a reaction with anything I put on my scalp, I could jump in the shower and wash it off before it got worse. I've been experimenting with Jojoba oil since it's meant to be moisturizing and the closest to the natural sebum that is produced by the scalp. I can honestly say that having little to no hair has made the progress so much easier to see and my scalp definitely looks better than when I first started. 

Reason 3: Feeling Truly Beautiful


This reason is the most important of all. Ever since I was younger all I wanted was long, straight hair. I thought that if I had it, I'd truly be beautiful. I'm sure most of this stemmed from not seeing a single person around me rocking their natural texture and getting made fun of for the way my hair looked. After getting a perm, all I heard was, "You look so nice" or "You have such pretty hair" or "You have such good hair". Over time that somehow translated to your hair makes you beautiful.

I was terrified to cut off all my hair because I thought I'd be ugly, but I forced myself to do it because I wanted to learn to be comfortable and feel beautiful as me. 

Anyone else out there shave their head? What made you do it? Share in the comments below!