Getting to Know Bee!

Aye & Bee has been around for two years and it's mind-blowing that we didn't do this sooner. This week, we're giving a closer look at one of the women behind Aye & Bee. Today, Bee shares 10 facts about herself below. Enjoy!

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1. I used to play the piano, violin and trumpet


I was lit as a child. I started playing piano at the age of five and took lessons until I was about 13.  It's the only instrument I'm confident I could pick up again if I wanted to since I still remember how to read music. The other instruments are a lost art since I didn't play them for too long.

I remember playing at piano recitals and performing duets and solos. There's one performance I remember clearly...unfortunately. This is where I learned the hard way that practicing is important. I was set to perform the song "Shout to the Lord" and in the months leading up to the recital, I rarely practiced. I only did enough to know the first page. When it was my turn to play, I got through the first half of the song perfectly and then played whatever note my fingers hit until I got to the last note. It was horrible and I cringed whenever I heard "Shout to the Lord" on the radio for months. 

On a side note, around the time I learned piano, I was also in tap, jazz, ballet and baton. Now, I'm just a rhythmless sack of potatoes. Shame on me for quitting.  

2. I wrote my thesis on the lack of inclusivity in the beauty industry


Unfortunately, this was before Rihanna dropped Fenty Beauty (I would have loved to include her in my research), but I was so frustrated with having to search high and low for a decent foundation shade that I decided to research it more. I definitely wrote this 60-page document in a week, even though I had a summer and two semesters to finish it, but I think it came out pretty good. 

If you're interested, check out my thesis here!

3. I originally wanted to be a forensic psychologist


It feels so weird to think about it now, but at one point when I was obsessed with CSI and CSI: Miami (I mainly watched it for Adam Rodriguez ), I wanted to help solve crimes with science. I still love shows like CSI, Criminal Minds and programs about real crimes, but truthfully, living that life would probably give me nightmares. 

In undergraduate, I planned to take the science thing all the way. I started off wanting to be a forensic psychologist, then a psychologist, then a pharmacist, then a person that synthesized medication for the CDC, then a magazine editor and finally a PR professional. What a journey. I think I finally found what suits me though, so the journey was worth it. 

4. I love telling stories

When I was younger, I had dreams of being an author. I even applied for a creative writing program after I graduated with my bachelor's but didn't get in. Regardless of that, my urge to share the stories of others remain. 

At the moment, my storytelling is done through video. You can catch me interviewing amazingly, talented women of color on their career paths on Aye & Bee's very own series, Off the Record.

5. My favorite movie is Love & Basketball


Call me basic if you want. I love it! I love it! I love it! It doesn't hurt that it was also filmed at USC, my alma mater. 

6. My favorite musicals of all time, Phantom of the Opera and RENT


Musicals and plays just make me so happy; especially RENT or Phantom of the Opera. I can listen to the Broadway soundtracks on a loop. Just make sure you're not in the room or car with me when one of these songs go off. It's over for you...unless you don't mind singing along. 

A goal of mine is to see both of these live. I think I'd cry tears of pure joy! I think these would make an excellent birthday gift. *cough cough* 

7. I have titanium rods in my spine

No, I don't go off in metal detectors. Yes, I am bionic woman. Okay, on a serious note, in tenth grade I had a lower lumbar fusion to correct the progressing curve in my spine. They thought my spine would straighten out with puberty, but it was only getting worse and rapidly, so off to surgery I went. 

I remember this was around the time I just watched "Awake", so my biggest fear was being under anesthesia and feeling EVERYTHING or waking up paralyzed. Thankfully, neither of those happened and I'm all good now. Only evidence I have of the surgery is a huge scar down my back. I used to hate it at first and now I don't even care. 

8. My roomies and I started our own production company

You read that right! My roomies and I have officially launched Always On Media. We're just getting started but I'm so excited for you all to see the content we have prepared. Find out more and meet the rest of the team on @wealwayson.

Also, tune in TODAY for the launch of our new series called YERRRBS. See the teaser here

P.S. It doesn't hurt to follow us too. 

9. I'm particularly fond of word and puzzle games

Call me a nerd if you want but words are how I have fun.  My mom used to play word and puzzle games with me all the time when I was younger and it just stuck. I can count the amount of times on one hand that I played a video game. I have no idea what to do when a controller is in my hand. I know this is because I never had a video game to play growing up, so I spent my time playing Scrabble, doing puzzles and reading books.   

10. I have a minor in Biology

It seems so off-topic for my life now, but all those science classes in college added up. I actually had the choice to minor in math (ha! I was not about to take Calc 3), psychology (unfortunately all the classes I needed were filled) or biology. Clearly, biology won and I haven't used it since.