How To Incorporate Animal Print into Your Fall/Winter Wardrobe

From the FW18 runways to your favorite stores, this particular print has arrived in a big way. You may have noticed it making an appearance everywhere this season. Though it’s always been around, animal print is getting a lot more love in 2018. Go to any store and you’ll be bombarded with leopards, tigers, cheetahs and cows. With all these options, I don’t blame anyone having a hard time figuring out where to start.

If you’re someone who wants to wear the trend but needs a little help on ways to rock it, you came to the right place. Scroll below for a few tips on how you can begin incorporating animal print into your wardrobe.



Tip #1: Accessorize!

When it comes to adding this trend to your closet, try doing it through accessories. Accessories have the power to elevate any outfit, and those covered in animal print are no different. These simple touches can add a nice accent to your look.

The Look

In this outfit, I chose to add a white snakeskin boot to an otherwise simple black/white blouse and skirt combo. Your eyes are immediately drawn to the shoes because they’re the most interesting piece of the outfit. It also doesn’t hurt that it was an easy one to put together. You just have to let the print do all the work.

So, grab a scrunchi, sunglasses, earrings or shoes and make your look pop.




tip # 2: Treat It As A Neutral

Wondering what to pair that animal print item with? Style them how you would your neutrals! Now, this won’t work if you have a piece that’s fire engine red, but if you’re sticking to the most common leopard or cheetah prints filled with the beiges and browns then you’re golden. Whether it’s a blouse, skirt or gorgeous faux fur coat, you’l leave a splash of fun however you pair it.

The Look

This outfit is a perfect look for a Friday night. A simple white tee paired with a satin leopard skirt and red heels. Just throw on a nice leather jacket and you’ve got yourself a cute fall look. Though I kept it tame, you can style this skirt with rich greens, reds and yellows to name a few.




Tip #3:Make It A LEWK

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase go big or go home. This way of wearing animal print embodies just that. If you find yourself gravitating towards a bold look, try this trend from head to toe. You can wear a dress covered in the print or a two piece suit, no matter what you’ll be sure to make a statement.

The Look

The dress I’m wearing has to be one of my favorite purchases this year by far. I personally don’t always gravitate towards bright colors, but I still wanted something with flair. The silhouette of this dress alone makes it a spicy number, but the addition of the black leopard print takes it up a notch.


Animal print may seem intimidating at first, but the best way to start wearing it is to try it. Whether you’re comfortable taking it one step at a time with accessories or are ready to wear from head to toe, have fun with it! 

What’s your favorite way to rock this season’s trend?