5 Fall Candles You NEED to Own

How else would you be able to capture the essence of fall without candles? It just doesn’t feel right otherwise. Every year around this time, I stock up on my favorite scents and I’m here to share my must-haves. Here are five fall candles you need to own STAT!

Trader Joe’s Honeycrisp Apple



Okay, so I usually scour Bath & Body Works for this scent, but I had to switch. The main reason is because after a few years, it seemed like Bath & Body Works changed the formula and added pumpkin spice, which is NOT a favorite of mine. While browsing through Trader Joe’s, I saw the word apple on a candle and immediately picked it up. Once I opened the lid and took a whiff, I knew I found my favorite candle again. If you like the smell of apples, this one smells like a fresh apple skin. I honestly have no idea why I like this scent so much, but to me it’s the epitome of fall.

Trader Joe’s Vanilla Pumpkin



As previously stated, I truly dislike the smell of pumpkin spice. Once the leaves start to turn yellow, that smell permeates the air in coffee and candle shops and I just can’t. If you’re like me, and would rather forgo pumpkin spice, you have to get this candle. It has the pumpkin, but not that annoying spice smell at the end. I really wish I had a better way to explain that, but if you hate pumpkin spice you’ll understand. This candle has subtle notes of both vanilla and pumpkin and it’s the most perfect combination. Trust me, you’ll love it!

Bath & Body Works Sweater Weather



This scent has been a staple at Bath & Body Works for years and there’s good reason. One whiff and you’re transported to a cool fall night wrapped in a cozy sweater, hence the name. I personally can’t leave this candle continuously burning because the smell gets a little too heavy for me, but I like to burn it for an hour or two and then just enjoy the smell for the rest of the day.

Bath & Body Works Hot Cocoa & Cream



Hot Cocoa & Cream is that perfect transition candle when the brisk fall air turns cold. It literally smells like you made a piping hot mug of hot cocoa with marshmallows. How is that even possible?! Either way, you won’t get any complaints from me. I basically get my hot chocolate fix every time I step into my room. I’ll definitely be burning this well into the winter.

The Collection By Chesapeake Bay Candle Tea Leaves



While perusing through Target, I couldn't resist sniffing a candle that smelled like tea. I have an affinity for teas as I’m actually one of those people that hate drinking coffee. Tea Leaves has a very subtle scent, but it smells like you made a fresh cup of green tea. Personally, I like how the room smells after I put the candle out. For this one, I use the same method as I do for Sweater Weather. I light it for a couple of hours and then I let the aroma linger.

What are your holy grail fall candles? Let me know in the comments below!