Master Online Shopping With These 3 Websites

Online shopping is all about convenience, but when you’re indecisive like me having all those options at your fingertips just makes it a painstaking matter. I love deals and I love to go back and forth on different online stores to find exactly what I’m looking for. I once spent FOUR DAYS looking for the perfect snakeskin boot. I’m happy to say I think I found it (we’ll see when it arrives), but the process was grueling. 

Today, I’m here to make your online shopping experience a little easier with three websites I constantly use to get the job done.


For the organization queen

Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 10.59.49 AM.png

Shoptagr is an amazing website/plug-in that allows you to create a wishlist of items you want to purchase. No more having to remember where you saw a specific dress or having a wishlist on individual sites you frequent. This site allows you to congregate your hearts desires in one location. If you’re super organized, you even have the ability to categorize your wishlist into sublists (i.e shoes, shirts, jeans) making the process cleaner because Lord knows I get distracted. I could be looking for a shirt and end up with two pairs of shoes.

Not only does it save items you’re pining over, but it monitors when there are price changes to that item. Say I found a pair of Steve Madden boots I was dying to have and wanted to wait for a deal, I could save it on Shoptagr and tell it to notify me when a price change occurs. Along with notifications, Shoptagr has a tab on it’s website that provides coupon codes from each online shop you saved items from. You literally have the ability to get exactly what you want and know about deals you otherwise wouldn’t have seen.


For the “I-Need-It-Now” Type of Gal

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Does anyone remember Walmart and their layaway system? When I was younger, my mother would sometimes go there to put large purchases such as appliances on layaway. Then, out of nowhere, it seemed like the concept of layaway in stores disappeared. Well, guess what? It’s back and it’s better. Afterpay is a service that allows you to purchase an item from a retailer and break it up into four even weekly payments. You see an amazing dress on Revolve? You can have the item shipped to you today and you can pay for it gradually. This service always makes me feel better when I’m purchasing a high price item that I don’t necessarily want to pay for in full but I really want.


For the “save your coins at all costs” girl

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If you’re a frugal shopper this website/plug-in is definitely the one for you. Honey is a site that automatically applies coupon codes at checkout to get you the best deal. No more using Google to find a code online that doesn’t work. It knows all the prevalent ones and does it’s best to help you pay less.

Are there sites you use to make online shopping a breeze? Tell me all about it in the comments!