Food Finds: The Wicked Spoon at The Cosmopolitan

Before we get started, I have to be honest, I mainly visited this brunch buffet because I saw it featured on my favorite BuzzFeed series, "Worth It." But trust me this is literally WORTH IT.

Now, most brunches (but mainly those in LA) are generally around $40 or so with bottomless mimosas. The Wicked Spoon on Memorial Day Weekend with bottomless mimosas was $53. My pockets didnt appreciate the upcharge, but I was excited to indulge.

I used to go to buffets, and mainly chinese buffets, with my family when I was younger all the time. Memories of too much lo mein, fried shrimp and crab legs flooded in. 

On this Sunday,  there were no crab legs. However, there was fried chicken, beef roast, smoked sausage, Crab Eggs Benedict, broccolini and thai shrimp. Although all my food choices didnt pair well, I was trying to pile it on so I'd make less trips. 

The presentation is elevated, similarly to the food. You can tell simply from the modern square plates, the fried chicken in mini baskets and the freshly carved beef roast, smoked sausage and other various meats. I mean think about it, there aren't many buffets period that would have a perfect Crab Eggs Benedict, broccolini and thai shrimp (head on) all at the same time. All the while, the food stayed true to the authentic flavors you'd expect--even down to the fried chicken which tasted like my mom just cooked it in a cast iron skillet! 

We ordered our mimosas and after two rounds I made my way back to the buffet. I returned with a more traditional breakfast spread of pancakes, eggs, and a few other items to accompany it. This time, I didn't finish it (trying to save room for whatever else I could stuff in me), but the pancakes were fluffy and served with WARM syrup---the only syrup I enjoy!

For my final trip, I got brioche french toast with Chantilly cream (just a homemade vanilla flavored whipped cream). 

My Overall Rating: 9

This scores high for not just buffets or brunches, but restaurants in general because it's simple things done really well. Also the variety is incredible! You can try a bunch of well-executed Asian foods like pot-stickers, short ribs, Thai chile shrimp and then a bunch of robust Italian favorites and of course the fresh cooked, smoked, roasted, and hand carved meats. I'm also taking into consideration that the menus may change per day based on what's in season, the time of day and what these chefs have access to. 

The Wicked Spoon is a mid-range dining buffet that's worth every penny. If you ever visit, expect skillfully produced eats and food so fresh that it's enough of an excuse to be as gluttonous as I was.