Food Finds: The Sugar Factory

The Sugar Factory has always been a star-studded diner-ish spot for all meals, but is primarily known for the over-the-top Texas-size drinks. 

Originally, I planned to hit brunch with my closest gal pals at Serendipity3--a reknowned breakfast spot with their famous Frozen Hot Chocolate. To our dismay, they were closed permanently from their location at Ceasars Palace. I went to Google to find that a Sugar Factory location was nearby on The Strip, a place I'd always planned to visit when I lived in New York but never got the chance. Immediately I thought, "DRINKS!" and proceeded to order a Lyft.

When we arrived we were bombarded with footage of Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and other stars co-signing The Sugar Factory at events and openings on TVs all around the restaurant. While we discussed whether or not Scott Disick looked happy in any photos, we reviewed the menu. 

My go-to for most brunches will always be Eggs Benedict, preferably with lox if available, so this afternoon was no different. 

For my drink, an advertisement on the table caught my eye--Drake's Night Owl goblet featuring Virginia Black Whiskey, candy lollipop owls and multi-colored gummy owls--so I ordered that as well. 

The eggs benny is delicious but overrated as you'd expect from a commercial place like The Sugar Factory. However, their drinks are NOT overrated. While they didn't have all the ingredients for the Night Owl, we ordered their version of a Mai Tai laced with liquid nitrogen for the smoke effect. Not only is it extremely pretty and entertaining for your Instagram feed, but it's also really delicious and will get you pretty drunk if you don't pay attention. At over $35 for each of these goblet drinks, I suggest you share...but then again when in Vegas! 

Brunch tings at @thesugarfactory in LV 😎😍😈

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My Rating

Overall Rating: 7

Honestly, I've always wanted to go to The Sugar Factory just for the drinks. In that area, I was satisfied but the food was basic. Having said that, I can't try only two menu items and make a generalization based on solely that. It's good, but nothing special (also not as good as my eggs benny, just saying.)