The First 30 Days

This week officially makes it a month since I graduated from the University of Southern California. How?! Time is moving too fast for my taste. Now, instead of group assignments, papers and presentations, my days are filled with interviews, cover letters and job applications. What fun. 

I will admit that I love the idea of finally starting the career I'm passionate about. It's the process of finding the job that will not only pay the bills now but bolster the qualifications I need for where I want to be in the future that stresses me out. Either way, I'm learning what works and what doesn't when applying for jobs in the PR field. 

Since I never shared images from my graduation, I thought I'd share them with you now. I'm honestly so blessed to have attended USC and I'm excited about what will come next. Let's keep our fingers crossed that I find out what that is soon. 

And to all my fellow graduates out there, we did it!