Prom 2.0

Since you already know the backstory of why this 24-year-old is going to prom (if not check out The Promposal) I'm going to jump right into my Prom 2.0 experience. 

Dress Shopping

There's so much pressure when trying to find the perfect dress. One thing I realized that hasn't changed about me one bit is that I'm picky. I know I said this time the shopping experience would be better because I know exactly what I want and I won't be rushed because I'm not relying on my mom's transportation, money and time. But even without those factors, new ones appeared that gave me the same results.

  1. I started looking for my dress two days before prom. 
  2. I walked into stores with an overwhelming amount of options.
  3. I had the NEED to outshine high school senior me.
  4. I had a budget.

The culmination of these factors just meant I'd visit over 10 stores and different cities in LA. Department or chain stores were too mainstream and basic while boutiques were too expensive and over the top. For example, one dress I tried on looked like a wedding dress! I looked amazing in it but no. Just no. 

I finally settled on just looking at stores in downtown LA. This is where the overwhelming options came in. There were so many gorgeous dresses to try on. First, I couldn't decide if I wanted to do long or short. Then, I couldn't decide on the color, or the cut or the design. It was a mess, but with the deadline spurring me on I knew I had to make it snappy. Now I understand why my mom was annoyed wth me. I was annoyed with me. 

That's when I saw the winning dress. It had extravagant embellishments of gold in the front, a corset top, a long, flowy bottom and it was blue-- a color I believe complements me perfectly. 

I felt like a princess! Now, if I compare this dress to the one I had senior year, I'd say the only change was the dress being modern. I still went with blue, I still went long and I still had embellishments in the front. This one was definitely more extravagant which I LOVE, but I didn't switch it up too much.  


The night of prom finally arrived and, of course, I have to rush to get ready in time. I'll just go ahead and say I was on CP time so my friends and I were late. When we arrived we took pictures together and headed out to the dance floor.

The main difference with doing prom at 18 and prom at 24 is that there's no need to spike the punch. The best part about the second time around was not feeling self-conscious. In high school, I spent so much time worrying about what everyone thought of my dancing or that I didn't have a date. Now that I think about it, I'd probably be terrified to be myself even if I did have a date.

I had a way better time just dancing with my closest friends without a care in the world. It was liberating. Sure, I didn't change as much as I thought I did when it came to preferences, but I sure did change in how I felt about myself. 

Refinery29 Video

Check out Refinery29's video below! I just might make a brief appearance.