Chillin’ Out, Maxin’, Relaxin’ all Cool

Today was supposed to be perfect. I was going to wake up early and get ready to shoot different outfits for Aye & Bee. I’d have the perfect poses, the perfect hair and Aye would get the perfect shots with the sun shining in the sky.

I slide out of bed (late) to find the sky gray and the ground wet from a fresh shower. Like, why? I live in LA! The one thing I thought I could count on was the sun. Apparently not. I rush to finish my makeup so we could head to our first location—Griffith Observatory. We’ve tried several times already to shoot here and things have never worked out. I silently pray we can get the shots I’ve envisioned in my head.

 Now, let me tell you, the Instagrammers and bloggers of the world that can get an awesome shot with no people in the background must be magic. This place is always packed…even when the Observatory is CLOSED. Once again, why? Can’t I just take bomb pictures in peace? No? Okay.

I get to the location I’ve been dreaming of and set up. The wind keeps blowing in my face ruining shots. The poses I’m trying look awkward. It’s freezing and wet and I just want to get it right. Aye suggest we go to another area. I don’t want to leave because this spot is where I want the magic to happen. This spot is where I had a vision. This spot is where I’ve been wanting to take photos since the blog started, but sometimes you have to take the L.

After a bit of pushback, I give up and head to where Aye suggested. The camera flashes and poses are working. Photos are coming out beautifully and I love what we’ve captured.

On to the next shoot.

I quickly change and we head to Little Tokyo. There’s a wall Aye and I have seen in music videos and Instagram pictures and we thought it’d be perfect. We find the wall and can’t get a good shot. The lighting is off. The wall isn’t lighting up the way we saw in the pictures. My poses look dumb. Honestly, it’s just a mess.

Expectation vs. Reality

photo on left taken from @_creativespace

We ask a security guard if there are any more walls like the one we were in front of and he directed us to a shopping center nearby.

Aye and I search the shopping center and find nothing. Then, I get the brilliant idea to head to The Last Bookstore. We begin the 15-minute walk to our new (and hopefully our last) location. As we’re walking we have fun along the way. Aye is snapping photos of me messing around until we make it to our destination.

The Last Bookstore is crowded and all the picture-worthy places are filled with others trying to take photos as well. We still try to get a few shots in, but the lighting is off and I’m not feeling the vibe.

Top: Rue 21 | Jeans: Love Culture | Boots: Charlotte Russe

I make the decision to leave. I’m disappointed and a little irritated. Why couldn’t I accomplish everything I wanted how I wanted? Things were supposed to go perfectly and they didn’t. As we’re walking back to my car, I realized I had a lot of fun when we were just messing around with the camera. And even though things didn’t turn out how I wanted it to, it was still a great day.

Through my day of mishaps, I learned that there is beauty in spontaneity. When we’re task driven, we miss out on the opportunities to do new things and create memories. When I wasn’t stressing about the shot, things worked out. I got to explore Downtown LA and even got behind the camera for once and took photos of my own. I have to remind myself to just slow down. I fixate so much on getting something done a particular way that everything else gets blocked out, but unnecessary pressure helps no one. Sometimes you’re more efficient when you just relax.