The Promposal

At the age of 24, it feels extremely weird to say I went to prom this weekend. I already did that…six years ago. *shudders* Why is time flying so fast?! Despite that, I now have a second chance to do prom the way I dreamed it.

Last Friday, Refinery29 had their employees remake their prom. Since I happen to know one of the employees, I got an invitation to this grand affair. Just thinking about prom brings back the memories of the anxiety I had to find the perfect dress and the dreams I had of someone asking me to be their date.

Both of those scenarios were not what I expected at all. I got a dress last minute because my mom was irritated with how picky I was being. Since she was buying, I had to just get what was in that store. In retrospect, I really like the dress I chose under pressure. 

The date department was no better. I had no date because the guy that I had a crush on was an oblivious dummy and he asked someone else. Don’t worry, we’re still friends and I let him know how dumb he was whenever the conversation comes up.

Six years later, I have a better sense of my style and Aye and I got the balls to change the date situation with a promposal to two celebrities from BET's New Edition movie, Keith Powers (left) and Algee Smith (right). I mean, go big or go home right?

Even though there was no reply, I’m just happy to say I did it. I never would have had the guts to do something like this in high school—even though it was Aye’s idea.

The Promposal: Day 1

On day one, we created a multi-post on Instagram that included a video explaining what we were doing (to differentiate ourselves from groupies), a flyer (to prove the legitimacy of the event) and a photo of us together. 

The Video

The Flyer

The Photo

The Promposal: Day 2

Day two involved another multi-post with Boomerangs of us asking them to prom with signs followed by the flyer.

The Boomerangs

Prom this time around was bound to be different. These past years have given me the chance to grow out of the nervous, insecure girl I was and learn to care a lot less about what others think. Also, the glo up is real. My high school prom pictures are HORRID - trust me, I’m not exaggerating - and I can’t wait to share the dope pictures we took that night. These are the ones I plan on giving to my mom to display around the house. We’ll just pretend it was from six years ago. Shhh.

If you’re interested in reading about my dress shopping experience, how prom turned out and photos of that night, stay tuned for my next post!