My 29Rooms Experience

This weekend my roomies and I had the chance to grab a ticket for 29Rooms before they sold out. Props to Aye for getting them in time, especially since it's the first time this event has happened in the West Coast. This place is perfect for social media opportunities. I mean, you have 29 rooms to choose from and they're all an experience. From a room inspired by adidas to a tattoo parlor inspired by Demi Lovato, you'll have something good to share. 

We didn't have a chance to explore every room but we tackled a few cool ones. 

Flower Power

As soon as you walk into 29Rooms, you're greeted by this beautiful garden of hanging flowers. It absolutely took my breath away. Inside, there are stations that you can stick your head in and watch a sensual video with flowers. Not going to lie, it was a little weird. 

The Music Cage

This area is for the music lover. In here, we sat on boxes and listened to tunes while blowing bubbles. Each cage was lit by either a green or pink light.  

Write Your Story

This room had blank booklets on the walls for people to write whatever their heart desired. In the middle sat a ginormous typewriter that we couldn't resist taking a picture on. 


Silent Disco

Silent discos are always fun. Here, we danced away while the music played through our headphones. 



Refinery29 collaborated with Toyota and created a room around this beautiful car. Equipped with a red and black interior, this vehicle needed to be photographed in. Sometimes you gotta do it for the 'gram. 

Daisy by Marc Jacobs 

This room smelled so good! Clearly this area was just a way for Marc Jacobs to promote their perfume but they got me. Thankfully, we got samples to test it out and I'm seriously considering purchasing a full bottle. Darn them and their strategic marketing. 

The Dream Lounge

The woman you see below is extremely talented. In this location, everyone was asked to write down a vivid dream they had. Her job was to make a song up on the spot. I happened to finish writing my dream down first and she sang it! What was my dream? Two guys were fighting for my attention but I was in love with both of them. Hear a snippet of her song below!


There's honestly so much more to share but you get the gist, it was great! 10 out of 10 recommend. I can't wait to see what concepts they come up with next year.

Did you go to 29Rooms? What room was your favorite?