How To Create Your Fall/Winter Capsule Wardrobe

If you happen to follow any minimalist fashionista, you may have come across the term capsule wardrobe at least once. This concept, originally coined in the 1970s, refers to a wardrobe that contains approximately 12 staple items that won't go out of style. Times and recent style challenges (aka Project 333) have changed the number of essential items that people choose to include in their wardrobe but the premise stays the same--looking fly with less.   

Though I have no interest in adopting minimalist fashion any time soon, I've decided to add some organization for the fall/winter items in my closet. Why specifically fall and winter? Because I'm usually a mess when these seasons come around. My main mistake is purchasing a bunch of trendy or low quality pieces and ending up in the same place next season--buying more pieces that won't last. Enter the capsule wardrobe. 

Thankfully building my capsule wardrobe was a breeze. All I had to do was follow the three steps below and voila! I'm now ready for fall and winter.

AyeandBee.com_Fall/Winter Capsule Wardrobe


Step 1: Pick a Color Palette

Being called basic is usually an insult, but in this case you want to be. Picking colors that aren't too bright and crazy leaves room for multiple outfit combinations. 


Step 2: Determine the Items You Already Have

One of the best things about this process was finding the pieces I already had sitting in the back of my closet. It definitely kept me from having to break the bank by starting from scratch. 

Tip: When looking through your closet, keep in mind the category of items you want to include (i.e coats, bottoms, shoes)


Step 3: Purchase the Items You Don't Have 

This was the fun part. Since I'd never turn down the opportunity to go shopping, this trip did not disappoint. I must admit, having a list of items that I knew I needed from the beginning helped with my self-control. Going into stores on days that they had sales helped even more. 


Watch the video below to see the items I placed in my capsule wardrobe!