One of the most annoying phrases to hear when you're disappointed is, "everything happens for a reason". It usually irks me when I hear that because most of the time I can't see the reason in sight. These are the times when I feel cheated or passed up for an opportunity because an employer or a professor saw the potential shine brighter in someone else and not me. It's frustrating when you're trying so hard to attain something and you feel like you'll never get there. One thing I've learned is that timing is EVERYTHING

In my years of playing piano, I had to learn to abide by the time signature. You see, the time signature is your best friend. If you refuse to count beats properly the entire song sounds funky, which I learned the hard way at a recital because I refused to practice. *shudders* Life functions the same way. Strong relationships take time to build. A dessert needs the right amount of time to bake. A musician needs time to master his/her craft and the list goes on. 

Sometimes things don't happen because we're not ready. We might think we're ready but the experiences we need are later down the road to shape us into the right candidate for whatever opportunity or dream we'll pursue. Sometimes we just might be ready, but an opportunity that would suit us hasn't appeared yet. 

The best (and worst) life lessons I have are from job searches. Everyone knows it hard, especially as a Millennial. We live in a world where we are labeled as entitled. Though I can't speak for all Millennials,  I can say that the Millennials I've encountered are the most creative and hardworking I've seen. The problem lies in the people that hold the jobs. There is a preconceived notion of what we are before we enter the room and the barriers to keep us from an entry level job are ridiculous (i.e 3-5 years of experience. Where is this experience supposed to come from when I haven't been given a chance yet?). 

Top: Target | Fur Vest: BB Dakota (similar) | Jeans: American Eagle | Shoes: Charlotte Russe

But as I went through the job search I felt like no one would see my potential. I knew I was ready but jobs or internships kept turning me down. I can think of a distinct internship that I wanted to get. I had an interview and thought I did great, but never heard back from them again. A few weeks later, I found out a few of my classmates got it. I felt so disappointed, you wouldn't believe. Turns out, months later I was told they were miserable. After hearing what the internship really required from their interns, I learned that it wouldn't have been the right place for me even though it looked great on paper.  

At the end of the day, don't get discouraged and keep trying. You may not ever find the reason why it didn't happen, but I'm a firm believer that the things that come to you are meant for you (after putting in the work, of course). You'll have your missteps, missed opportunities and fails but the best thing to do is learn from them, pick yourself back up and you'll get exactly where you need to be at the right time.