Clean Slate

I think many can agree that 2016 wasn't the greatest year. With that being said, the approaching new year provides the clean slate everyone wants, or better yet, needs. It also presents possibilities and hope for self-improvement. A common way goals are set for upcoming years is through New Year's resolutions, but I found that these never seemed to work for me. Instead, I decided to trade resolutions for words (and I have to say this has worked way better). Each year, I choose one word to carry with me throughout the year. Two years ago, it was BOLD and this year was EXPLORE. For 2017, I choose LISTEN.  

Dress: TJ Maxx (similar) | Earrings: JCPenney (similar)

I've recognized that I'm terrible at listening to myself. I spend so much time doubting or ignoring what's going on with me and before you tell me, I already know it's not good. This is why I'll actually take the time to a) acknowledge that what I'm feeling is valid and b) trust the initial feeling/emotion/intuition before logic kicks in. Logic is definitely what kills me. I'm a thinker and though it has helped me in many situations, it has also closed the doors on opportunities I could have taken. 

Shoes: ASOS

2017 will be my time to listen to my feelings, my intuition, my heart, and most importantly, the Holy Spirit. Yes, there will be times where I make mistakes, but I'm ready to strengthen the trust I have in myself. 


Coat: Ann Taylor (similar)

Have a word in mind that you'd like to carry throughout 2017? Tell me in the comments.