Enjoying a Fat Sandwich on National Sandwich Day

Happy National Sandwich Day!

Today is, I'm sure,  Joey Tribbiani's favorite holiday had he ever known this day existed. When I think of sandwiches, many things come to mind:

  1.  Being a kid when my dad used to pack me cold-cut sandwiches on hoagie rolls for field trips. My sandwich of choice was either salami or roast beef and swiss.
  2.  Joey Tribbiani and the episode where he saves the sandwich during a ride-along.
  3.  Katz's Deli because KATZ'S DELI.
  4. And last but not least, Fat Sandwiches, which I discovered on the Travel Channel.

A brief history

Fat Sandwiches are a staple in the culture of Rutgers University students and New Brunswick, NJ locals (of course, it'd be at a college, I mean this is the ideal drunk food). They emerged from the RU Hungry "grease trucks" and gained national notoriety with the Fat Darrell--a sandwich named after a man with a craving for chicken fingers, cheese sticks and french fries on his sandwich.

Fat Sal's

Let's talk about the only place in LA that has authentic Fat Sandwiches--Fat Sal's. This glutton-filled staple was opened by three friends by the names of Sal, Josh and Jerry, who wanted to take the East Coast idea across the nation. With a handful of locations in Southern California and one in Austin,Texas, I would say their impact has proven successful. The proof is their feature on every foodie's favorite show, "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives".

Digging In

It's time to try some sandwiches! Sal's has at least 25 sandwiches on the menu, unlimited combinations to customize your order and even seasonal sandwiches like the Fat Pilgrim adorned with roasted turkey, stuffing and sweet potato fries to keep it festive.

We tried two of their regular menu Fat Sandwiches: The Fat Sal and The Fat Texas BBQ.

The Fat Sal

Includes: roast beef, mozzarella sticks, gravy, french fries, onion rings and mayo on a garlic bread hero

This namesake sandwich is actually one of the more tame sandwiches on the menu due to its smaller ingredient list. Still, that doesn't mean your tastebuds aren't taken on a journey. The two key players on this sandwich--in my opinion--are the mozzarella sticks and the onion rings. Why not the roast beef? It's very well done, but nothing flavor wise makes it stand out from just a deli style roast beef. However, the onion rings are the right amount of crispy and combined with the cheese sticks add different textures not always expected of a sandwich. Now, I actually love simplicity as long is it's done well (this coming from someone who loves Fat Sandwiches) and this Fat Sandwich is simple and very well done. Also I'm a huge fan of fries dipped in gravy and mayonnaise, so this was a win-win situation for me.

The Fat Texas BBQ

Includes: BBQ pastrami brisket, chicken tenders, bacon, grilled onions, fries, melted cheddar/mozzarella, mozzarella sticks, honey BBQ sauce and mayo on a garlic bread hero

Okay, NOW WE'RE TALKING! This sandwich is indeed FAT. Now, all of you high-end diners, don't frown upon me and my dietary choices, sandwiches like this will change your life. I actually tried this one in Austin, Texas earlier this year at a food truck during SXSW. Clearly, it's great if I had to get it again (but really just for Bee to try).

Key players of this sandwich are the pastrami, pastrami and did I mention pastrami? If you love classic sandwiches and beef is your meat of choice, you know nothing beats pastrami. I'm a connoisseur of all things beef brisket and this pastrami at Fat Sal's is A1. You might be surprised that I didn't mention the bacon. Unfortunately, this sandwich only comes with two strips of bacon, so if you want a sandwich that fulfills your bacon desires, you're going to have to cough up a little more. As a side note, Google photos of Katz's Deli pastrami for food porn. You're welcome.

If you ever take a visit to Fat Sal's, take a look at the menu and choose whichever combination of food tickles your fancy. Although we must warn you, be careful where you eat. Fat Sal's doesn't exactly have beds prepared for those who pass out from food induced comas.