Always Hustlin'

The boots are finally out! I've been waiting for fall to peek it's head out around these parts for ages so I could put on these bad boys. I absolutely love heeled over-the-knee boots. They always add a sexy element to an outfit. Pair them with a mini skirt, jeans, a dress, or in my case, an oversized tee and you're good to go.

Bag: H&M | Boots: Charlotte Russe | Hustlin' Tee: Fashion Nova | Bomber: Fashion Nova

Regardless of how much I love these boots, the main attraction is the shirt. Simple as it may be, this shirt is a great reminder for me (and also makes me feel like a boss).  As a current graduate student studying public relations, hustle is my middle name. Balancing school, work, an internship, and now this site, can be challenging at times, but what keeps me going is my vision.

My vision is to build my empire. I don't want to get distracted by what others are doing or get discouraged when there's a disappointment or a no--and trust me, the road has already been full of that--but I want to work hard in pursuing my career and being one of the best in my field.

What I've realized is you hold the keys to success when you have experience, and since opportunities haven't made themselves available (yet), I've decided to make mine--this site being one of them. I can't wait around for things to be handed to me nor do I want to. I want to build a personal brand that stands out from the crowd. In order to do that, I have to keep moving. 

Like the wise man, DJ Khaled, once said, "I've got the keys" and in order to keep those keys, I'm always hustlin'.  

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