Feeling Evergreen

Anyone that knows me well, knows I love birthdays. Of course mine comes a cut above the rest (because it's mine, duh) , but I love celebrating with others. There's just something about reveling in the joy that specific day brings. Seeing my friends happy puts me in a good mood, and I get in an even better mood when the festivities call for an outfit like this one.  


When I put this outfit together I wanted the green to be the main attraction because 1) I wasn't trying to do too much. It's wasn't my birthday and 2) I love pairing green with pink and gold pieces. 

Tip: When you're trying to find colors that complement each other, take a gander at the color wheel. It makes life so much easier. 

So, I know you're looking at this picture and thinking, "that's such a cute skirt". Well, plot twist! It's a skort. The last time I wore one of these puppies was in elementary school. I was pretty much the  only one who wore their uniform every day since my mother was in love with them--unfortunately. Now, I have to say I've outgrown my aversion to skorts. 


Earrings: H&M | Bracelet/Watch: Charlotte Russe

Now, let's talk about this saddle bag and these lace-up heels. They just make my heart flutter. I picked up these shoes at Forever 21 and I won't lie, when I laid eyes on them my heart told me, you need these in your life, and I'm so glad I listened. The bag was picked up on clearance at Target and I got it for $8! This is exactly why Target will always have a hold on me and I know I'm not the only one. 

Top: H&M  | Skort: Ann Taylor | Shoes: Forever 21  | Bag: Target

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