Our Top 5 Picks from Dessert Week LA

This year, Los Angeles decided to round up the top dessert vendors to host its first Dessert Week LA. The week consisted of sweet deals at the top 25 local businesses and capped off with an event at Pershing Square in DTLA. We gathered with other foodies to try samples of some signature eats and picked our Top 5. These are places you're definitely going to want to try. Get ready to satisfy your sweet tooth! 

1. Nothing Bundt Cakes

This company, founded in 1997, can be found in over 30 states in the Continental US. With fresh ingredients, it's difficult to ruin the quality of any food, and these cakes are nothing "bundt" quality. What landed it at our number one is how near it is to actual perfection in cake form. Never will you taste a cake this moist and decadent without it being heavy and wet. And did we mention the signature cheesecake frosting?


2. Beverly Hills Beignet

I've visited New Orleans for business on multiple occasions and everyone who visits NOLA knows it isn't real unless you go to Cafe DuMonde--perhaps the most famous beignet spot around. After they fry these doughnut-esque morsels, they toss them by threes in a bag of powdered sugar filled with much more than one human should be consuming. The owner of BH Beignet may have taken that classic French taste to a higher level (yes, I had the audacity to say that). BH Beignets are lighter, softer and literally melt in your mouth.


3. Ridges Churro Bar

Churros have been growing to become a food of commonplace, with almost everything being churro flavored. You may ask why, to which we ask, why not? With churros you're getting cinnamon, sugar and fried batter, but Ridges Churro Bar doesn't stop there. The Ridges food truck pairs their warm latin pastries with ice cream and cereal. WE CAN NOT MAKE THIS UP. You can get a cinnamon sugar churro with vanilla soft serve topped with Cinnamon Toast Crunch, the GOAT of cereal. If you're feeling a bit more chocolately, be sure to get the Nutella and nut covered churro pictured below. 


4. CoolHaus

This company likes to categorize their ice cream as "architecturally-inspired". They accompany their gourmet ice cream with flavors like Whiskey Lucky Charms and Dirty Mint Chip with cookies like Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch and Vegan Ginger Molasses. It's safe to say these are just a handful of combinations you can concoct when choosing your CoolHaus Ice Cream sandwich. Being a fanatic of sugar and all things salted caramel, I chose to pair Sea Salted Caramel Ice Cream with a Snickerdoodle cookie. After also trying a sample of the Dirty Mint Chip Ice cream, I will be tracking these ice cream experts down for more.


5. Lady M Confections

Have you ever had a layered cheesecake? We don't know how else to describe this crepe and pastry creme stacked cake. It's sheer elegance is in its price. Selling for $90.00 for a 9-inch, we are just grateful to have graced our tastebuds with just a sample, even if it was just a tease.

If our list made you crave sugar in the slightest, get up and go find these sweet eats so you don't have to wait until #DessertWeek2017.